History and humanities podcasts

Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt Podcast

Alan Watt gives you Both an Historical and Futuristic Tour on who runs society, gives you your thoughts, trends, your entire reality - through media, entertainment and 'education'. This is a controlled global society, planned long ago by an elite group working intergenerationally. Listen to its...

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NTS Radio RICH Tycoon
in NTS Radio

NTS Radio

We talk about Life, Love, and Hustle. We play independent music too. Hop on the Next Thang Smokin'... (NTS Radio by Digital Dab)

  • 7
  • 1925
  • +1 year

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Sporting Witness

The inside and personal story of the key moments from sporting history

  • 327
  • 2527
  • 6 days

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Animus Air

The voice of Animus Empire.

  • 145
  • 3512
  • 1 year

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The Bubble Hour

The Bubble Hour is hosted by Jean M., a sober woman dedicated to breaking down the walls of stigma and denial surrounding the disease of alcoholism. Alcoholism effects more than 50% of American adults, either directly or indirectly, and yet it still remains a "taboo" topic and is still...

  • 434
  • 2401
  • 1 day

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A History of Europe, Key Battles

A podcast on European conflicts from the perspective of each side to provide an alternative to the traditional national narratives. Going chronologically from the Ancient Greeks onwards I will describe to some extent how each battle was won or lost by particular decisions, tactics, technology or...

  • 143
  • 2199
  • 12 days

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The WW2 Podcast

A military history podcast that looks at all aspects of WWII. With WW2 slipping from living memory I aim to look at different historical aspects of the Second World War.

  • 99
  • 531
  • Yesterday

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The 'on this day in history' podcast, with a new episode every single day. Featuring historical events that range from the Roman Empire to the World Wide Web, HistoryPod proves that there is always something to be remembered 'on this day'. Written and presented by Scott Allsop, creator of the...

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Casefile True Crime

Fact is scarier than fiction.

  • 153
  • 19
  • 4 days

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Patterson in Pursuit: Philosophy | Politics | Reli

Interviews with intellectuals from across the globe. Exploring philosophy, politics, religion, and rationalism. Steve Patterson is an independent philosopher currently traveling the world to interview people in the pursuit of truth. Topics include logic and epistemology, skepticism,...

  • 115
  • 3618
  • 2 months

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The History of the Cold War Podcast

The History of the Cold War Podcast will cover the Cold War from the period of roughly 1945 to 1991 and the fall of the Soviet Union in bi-monthly instalments on the first and fifteenth. This Podcast will examine the Cold War from a number of different perspectives including political,...

  • 101
  • 3895
  • 2 days

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Philosophy 247

David Edmonds interviews leading philosophers about moral issues that effect us 24/7.

  • 35
  • 3734
  • 10 days

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Fierce City: A London History Podcast

The history you don't already know from the 2000-year story of London. A monthly podcast on the people, power struggles, and pomp and circumstance of the fierce city of London. Brought to you by Satu and PJ.

  • 16
  • 1703
  • 9 months

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The Practical Stoic Podcast

Stoicism is the ultimate philosophy for a well-lived life. In this biweekly podcast Simon Drew shares practical ancient stoic advice for modern times.

  • 234
  • 2546
  • 1 month

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Mythunderstood : A Greek Mythology Podcast

Paul Bianchi sits down with his best friend and comedic writing partner Sarah Oliver to teach her everything there is to know about Greek Mythology. New Episodes released every other Wednesday.

  • 62
  • 2569
  • 7 days

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Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Addendum

Interviews, musings and extra material from the makers of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. If it did not fit in the HH feed it's probably here

  • 8
  • 61
  • 1 month

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La Escóbula de la Brújula

Cada viernes, tu podcast de Historia, leyendas, misterio y lugares mágicos en Podium Podcast.

  • 307
  • 97
  • 5 días

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Cualquier tiempo pasado fue anterior

Programa de historia con la peculiar mirada y estilo de Nieves Concostrina.

  • 85
  • 105
  • 3 días

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SER Historia

Cada semana, la Cadena SER ofrece este programa dedicado a analizar y relatar algunos acontecimientos destacados de la historia universal

  • 730
  • 98
  • Yesterday

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La Rosa de los Vientos Onda Cero
in Onda Cero

La Rosa de los Vientos

Podcast de Historia, misterio, Investigación, relatos. Sábados 1:00 a 4:00 Domingos 1:30 a 04:00 con Bruno Cardeñosa y Silvia Casasola

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