Faith, Philosophy and Spirituality podcasts

Heart Wisdom with Jack Kornfield

The Jack Kornfield Heart Wisdom hour celebrates Jack’s ability to mash up his long established Buddhist practices with many other mystical traditions, revealing the poignancy of life’s predicaments and the path to finding freedom from self-interest, self-judgment and unhappiness. Fore more...

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Conscious TV

Here are some of our audio clips, previously on Itunes, now available as free podcasts

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Ram Dass Here And Now

A weekly podcast of heart wisdom from Ram Dass

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Witch School

**Pagans Tonight Radio Network ** **SHOW SCHEDULE** **Monday** 8pm Lunatic Mondays **Tuesday** 7 pm CST Nature Folk with Selena Fox followed by Circle Talk by Circle Sanctuary **Wednesday** 7 PM CST -All Acts Of Love And Pleasure/Raise The Horns Radio 8 PM Petals and Potions/Pammit's Porch...

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The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!!

This free podcast is created to support the students of Dusty White's "The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!!" tarot workbook--but it is free for anyone who wants to learn more about the tarot. Please join us!

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The Sailing Podcast

Interviews and stories with real people about cruising and sailing

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HiPPiE WiTCH : Magick For A New Age

A happy, hippie place where Magick with a "K" meets The Law Of Attraction.

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Fighting for the Faith

This is a program that defends the Christian Faith from attacks from both inside and outside of the visible Church. Think of this program as theology on roller blades. We name names as well as expose errors and heresies. We also try to have a little fun along the way. Topics include, apologetics,...

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Islamic History Podcast

Let's go deep into some of history's most entertaining and amazing stories. You're going to hear Islamic history like you've never heard it before and how it affects today's world. You'll also discover the origins of many of today's conflicts and hot spots.

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Conspirinormal Podcast

The official home of the Conspirinormal Podcast.  A show dedicated to uncovering the truth in all things paranormal and conspiracy theory related.

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Buddhism Guide

This podcast is pragmatic, secular and makes complicated Buddhist principles easy to understand. Yeshe is a Buddhist monk. He is from England and teaches meditation, Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness. Yeshe spent several years in a monastery in the foothills of the Himalayas teaching young...

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Tarot Tribe - Beyond Worlds

Welcome Tarot Lovers! Enter Beyond Worlds ~ Your friendly Tarot community, powered by Tarot! Find your way back here by going to or download us on iTunes. All archived shows are listed at Are you a reader who wants to go deeper? Our...

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Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes

If you've ever wondered what reality is, what life is all about, or whether there is life after death, then tune in to Seek Reality Radio and join host Roberta Grimes for a wide variety of uplifting, facts-based discussions. Live segments are hosted on Saturdays at 1:00 PM Eastern (10:00 AM...

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Focus on the Family Daily International Broadcast

Focus on the Family is a half-hour daily dose of encouragement and advice for the family with Jim Daly and John Fuller. Outside the United States and Canada, Focus on the Family programs that are universally applicable and relevant to listeners from Australia to Zimbabwe are carefully selected,...

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Weekly Astrology from Planet Waves

Planet Waves FM is published by Chiron Return, Inc., and is affiliated with the Pacifica Radio Network. Every Tuesday, Eric Francis, the host of Planet Waves FM, looks at the current astrology, the events of the world, and special interest topics. Eric morphs modern astrology with psychological...

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The Astrology Podcast

A weekly podcast on topics related to astrology, hosted by professional astrologer Chris Brennan.

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Yasmin Mogahed

Yasmin Mogahed received her B.S. Degree in Psychology and her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After completing her graduate work, she taught Islamic Studies and served as a youth coordinator. She also worked as a writing instructor at...

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Learn Swedish |

Learn Swedish with Free Podcasts Whether you are student or a seasoned speaker, our lessons offer something for everyone. We incorporate culture and current issues into each episode to give the most informative, both linguistically and culturally, podcasts possible. For those of you with just...

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Matt and Phil Show (LOA Radio)

This two-time author of the Law of Attraction Workbook and the motivational book Living Gratitude, Matt O’Grady welcomes you to join him on his podcast show where he teaches his clients how to live happier, more successful and gratitude filled lives. He is a former co-host on the Matt and Phil...

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